plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids

Pure Form Omega is a plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids
for the maintenance of good health.

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Why Parent Essential Oils?

Our bodies can not make Parent Essential Oils (PEOs); they must come from food. Unfortunately, food processing, modern farming methods, and even "fresh" food preparation, destroys PEOs and the results can be disastrous to your health. Supplementing with Pure Form Omega's all organic Omega-3 and Omega-6 PEO formulation ensures we get these in the proper form and ratio. This is vital in getting these nutrients back into your diet the way Nature intended.  Pure Form Omegas contain evening primrose oil, high linoleic sunflower oil, pumpkin oil, and extra virgin coconut oil, all excellent sources of "parent" Omega-6, along with organic flax oil for "parent" Omega-3, to obtain what we consider the ideal science-based “parent” Omega 6-3 combination. 

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Dosing for Athletes or Very Active People

Pure Form Omega is the optimal source of the 2 essential fatty acids needed for optimal performance. For athletes that work out 1 or more times a day, up to 40% of the ingested dose can be used as “fuel” by the body. 

We recommend for these individuals that 8 caps a day be consumed and for body builders, doses of 10 to 12 caps a day is helpful. 

There is no maximum dose as the body deals with excess amounts very efficiently and doses up to 45 capsules a day have been used without consequence.

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